We are actively monitoring and updating ourselves on the new immigration and labor policies to ensure that all the rules and regulations are being complied. We provide our client with the peace of mind knowing that our company offers professional service according to standards and requirements accepted by Singapore’s government bodies.

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We handle all these Singapore PR applications :
Single PR Application
Husband & Wife PR Application
Family Application
Sponsor Husband / Wife Application
Sponsor Child / Children Application
Sponsor Parents Application
Investor PR Application
Ex PR Re-Apply Application
Rejected PR Cases

Singapore PR Application Professional Advice

Professional Advice & Expertise

The PR application process can seem difficult and exhausting for many applicants. Our immigration consultant can simplify this massively for you by offering professional advice and expertise, acquired from many years of experience.

These professional advice and expertise can help you develop a upper hand, bringing you one step closer to getting your Singapore PR approved.

Singapore PR Application Organized Documents

Organize All Relevant Documentation

Since all applications are now made through the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) online portal, any lacking documents will lead to an incomplete application and cause your application to be obsolete and rejected.

Let our immigration consultant help you check through thoroughly and ensure that nothing is overlooked for your application.

Singapore PR Application Additional Documents Checklist

Prepare Additional Supporting Documents

Stand out from the other applicants by providing additional documents to differentiate yourself from them and let the approving officer feel that they are right to approve your case.

Our immigration consultant will guide you on how to prepare them by leveraging our years of experience.

Singapore PR Application Cover Letter

Draft Personalized Cover Letter

It is very important to stand out from the rest as the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) are handling many applications. You only have one shot to impress them once it is your turn for your application to be assessed.

Our immigration consultant will draft a personalized cover letter to explain about why your application should be given a serious consideration and be approved.

Singapore PR Application Customer Satisfaction

Supporting You Throughout The Entire Process

We will always be there for you throughout your entire process till you get your Singapore PR.

Feel free to ask us any questions at any time regarding any problems that you faced during your PR application and our immigration consultant will help to resolve them.

Singapore PR Application Step By Step Guidance

Step by Step Guidance

Do yourself a favor and choose the right company by choosing us. We will assist our clients in everything and provide samples and case studies to help you prepare your documents better and easier.

Our immigration consultant will also teach you how to submit your PR application online slowly with detailed explanations along the way and make sure you understand everything while we do the application for you.

Best Immigration Consultant In Singapore

We are the reliable, affordable and best immigration consultant in Singapore and  Singapore Permanent Residence Consultancy Agency in Singapore.

We offer step by step expert guidance to assist individuals who are looking to settle down in Singapore. We deliver skilled administrative work while being extremely careful and stringent during our clients’ documents reviewing and auditing process. We represent a vast variety of clients from all over the world and assist them throughout the daunting process of migrating to Singapore. The whole Singapore Permanent Residence application process can be simplified significantly when you have the proper guidance, help and professional advice by partnering with a correct company.

We are able to assist you for your Singapore PR application. We can also help with your rejection cases appeals or re-applications.

We will render all the information you need and guide you through every single step of the application process. We will help you and your family continuously until you secure your dream in Singapore.

Engage our company to get experienced advice

We have over 15 years of combined consultancy experience in the immigration industry in Singapore.

We strive to provide the best case forward for all our clients to ensure that their PR application will be approved. We understand that nothing is more important than the emotional, financial and mental health of our clients family, to get their PR application approved. We are here to help by providing our client with the best professional advice, expertise, and help with any problems that they faced during their PR application.

During The Free Professional Consultation, You Will Discover :

Apply Singapore PR Thinking

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green arrow What Are The Mistakes That Other Permanent Resident Applicants Are Doing And How You Can Avoid Those Costly Mistakes

green arrow What Are The Factors That Immigration & Checkpoint Authority Will Be Looking At When They Assess A Submitted Application

green arrow Who You Can Look For And Seek Help Regarding Your Singapore Permanent Residence Status And The Significant Impact In Doing So

green arrow When Is The Best Time To Apply For Singapore Permanent Residence And What Are The Reasons Behind It

green arrow How Is The Process Flow Of A Singapore Permanent Residence Application And How Long To Wait For Results

green arrow What You Should Do After Getting Your Singapore Permanent Residence Application Approved Or Rejected

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